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19 October
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The Joker Embodies The Hatred In All of Us. He Is The Symbol Of The Part In Us (No Matter How Small)? That Just Wants To Watch The World Burn... The Joker Is The True Agent Of KAOS. We Must Become KAOS...And You Know What They Say About KAOS Right? It's Fair.

I am a little bit introverted these days, and I would assume that just comes along with the age, or life experiences that are thrown our way, but as a very, wise, and unstoppable force once said, I believe...whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...Stranger. ;)

When I am not busy with my son, who just turned a year, not even a month ago, I am absorbing myself with everyones favorite mastermind, the psychopathic, schizophrenic, narcissistic murdering bastard, the Joker. I write fanfiction on ff.net, make videos on YouTube, and draw for deviantart. I guess one could say I am literally obsessed with the clown, but I would like to call it a lifetime commitment.

I have been a closet fan of Heath Ledger's for years, which sounds somewhat ridiculous but growing up with younger sisters, and inwardly pressured with the mentality to remain different from the two, I kept it a secret that I was just...floored by this new Australian talent. Meanwhile they were flaunting it in my face. It became annoying at times, but I never said a word. They would get tired of him sooner or later like most young girls do with most new celebrities, and eventually they moved on to the hot, fresh, up and coming 'fad.' It is sad to say that about someone so enigmatic, but this is from their viewpoint. Once the Dark Knight became borderline mainstream, it was all over for remaining so quiet for so very long and I was proud to share just how much I was a part of Heath Ledger's army of fangirls. lol.

This did become ridiculous however, and it was quite frustrating at times, when you have admired someone for so long, for literally everything they have accomplished in life, then sit idly by as they become a figurative sex symbol overnight only for one role and are desired for that particular character, it irritates you. I can't explain it any other way, other than 'fangirls' bug the shit out of me. These are the type of girls who lust after the Joker only because he looks good in the makeup, but do not bother with Heath Ledger or his other work he has done. Some do, and those who only knew him from The Dark Knight then watch this other films, we have all become great friends. But, I guess it pisses me off because he passed away so soon, and will only be remembered as the Joker, but at the same time, known for this sexy icon who was not even supposed to be attractive. lol. It would be nice to see some actual fans who admire his previous work, and I hope I can find some people through lj who share that same interest, other than "OMGGZZZ JOKER SOOO HAWWT" Yes, I know he is. He was undeniably deliciously evil and gorgeous, as a demented clown. Now go watch Ned Kelly, come back and tell me how much he blew your mind in that film and then...get over it. ;)

When I am not writing, vidding, drawing, etc...I entertain my son, watch movies, listen to ALOT of music, eat sushi, (oh yes, this is a hobby) collect unicorn figurines, Jokercentric anything, (like that word? hehe) cook, bake, read, and anything else really. I just don't go anywhere for the most part that involves large crowds with the exception of concerts.

Feel free to drop me a line or send me a message. I'm a really nice person once you get to know me. It would be just...awesome to meet some nostalgia Heath Ledger fans, or any fans really. I do love Joker, but I am so sick of the 'fangirls,' so do not bother me with "OOMMG DO U THNK HIZ SCARZZZ R BOOOTYFULL?" *sighs* Yes, I do, but...Heath IS beautiful, not just Heath dressed up in clown makeup. ;p

- Anne Archy
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